Aisunao as Vege restaurant at Naoshima

Aisuunao is a Japanese restaurant renovated from the old house built around 80 years, located in Naoshima famous for the art of Kagawa Prefecture.

Brown rice cooked using non-pesticide brown rice from Okayama Prefecture is famous, and brown rice vegetarian lunch “Aisunao Set” that was set with side dishes where a lot of vegetables entered is the most recommended. Since it does not use any meat or fish here, vegetarians and vegans can also eat safely.
There are original desserts that do not use eggs and dairy products, so it is a restaurant that you can visit with confidence for vegetarians.

In the vicinity, there is the “Art House Project” developed in Honmura district, renovation of empty houses etc. where artists were scattered, and it has been converted into work, incorporating the time and memory of the time when people lived in the past.

A lot of foreign tourists have visited, and we recommend visiting on the way to the “Art House Project” near the restaurant and museums.