Baby and Kid Facilities in Shinjuku Department Store(新宿エリアの子連れの為の施設)

Japan is suffering a major decline in the birth rate. It is broadcasted every month (or maybe every week) from 20 years ago.
However, now we see many moms and dads carrying a baby or pushing a stroller – the number of moms and/or dads we see is huge increasing from 5 or 10 years ago.
Why? One reason is that awareness about going out with baby has changed. Yes, that is correct. Old age thinks that mom should not take out baby, because air of outside of house is full of virus and they might meet an accident by traffic or even worse people. In the decade, everyone though that mom should be staying in house with baby. (supermarket near house was acceptable.)
Another reason is that stations and large commercial complexes have started setting baby-friendly facilities within a few years. That is purely corporate effort. Current moms and dads can use clean and safe facilities to feed baby and to change diaper almost everywhere, especially in center of Tokyo. With these change of surroundings, mom (mostly mom in childcare leave, or household wife) can go out with baby even if they do not have a purpose for it!


As most travelers visiting Japan know, Shinjuku is the busiest and the most famous spot in good means and bad means. In weekday’s day time, you see many “mama tomo” (friendship in mothers) walking around with pushing strollers or eating (mostly expensive) lunch with baby in Shinjuku. Many JR and subway lines stop in Shinjuku so the site is preferred by many moms. Their favorite place is, of course, department store. It keeps comfortable temperature every hour so they do not need to put on or put off baby clothes when they move from café to boutique. Also they can use clean facilities for baby anytime they need. Let’s see facilities in department stores located in Shinjuku.

Isetan Department Store (East Side)

Every fashion people know – the most famous department store located at Shinjuku Sanchome crossing! It is not large but it is full of the latest, beautiful, fantastic materials! All (not most) fashionable brand’s manufactures had been introduced by Isetan first in Japan.
Baby and kid facilities are the same – all facilities are well designed and large enough.
Main floor for families with baby or small kid will be 6th. The floor is full of baby and kid clothes and toys. You can find Paris and Milan’s top brands’ clothes. The design of every brand is very mature – the price is very mature too!

In the corner of the floor, there is baby rest room. It has 4 sets of baby feeding table which are famous baby furniture brand Stokke’s, separated breast-feeding rooms, microwaves, hot water machine, 5 baby bed for diaper changing, and baby weight scale!
In the room you can be completely relax to feed your baby or kid, to change diaper and measure your baby’s weight.

Next to the baby rest room, there is restaurant for family with baby or small kid. In the restaurant you can also order for baby who just started eating food! It is full of “mama tomo” every day in weekday, and mom and dad with baby in weekend.
On the roof top, there is small garden and chairs well been kept every day. In Spring or Autumn, you can spend your lunch time with family over there.

Address: 3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022

Takashimaya Department Store (South side)

The latest store in those 4 department stores located in Shinjuku. It is not such crowded as Isetan, so it might be a better choice for families.
On 14th floor, there is baby rest room. It is not large but kept always clean. There is 2 baby beds for diaper changing and 2 separate breast-feeding space. Also you can get hot water for milk making there.
Not only the rest room, each floor has multi-function rest room which has a bed for diaper changing.

On 13th, there is free-used outside terrace so you can buy lunch plate in B1 or take your own lunch box to spend lunch time with your family. The terrace has view – you can see large park of Shinjuku Gyoen and National Stadium which is under construction.

Address: 5-42-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051

Odakyu Department Store (West side)

The building of Odakyu is old but the facilities for baby and kid are fantastic.
You can visit 9th floor – there is 7 baby beds for diaper changing, 4 separated corner for breast-feeding, hot water machine, baby chairs for feeding, microwave, baby height and weight scale. It is large room so you won’t need to wait so long even in weekend.

Address: 1-1-3 Nishishinjuku, Shinjukuku, Tokyo 160-8001

Keio Department Store (West side)

Same as Odakyu, Keio building is old one. However the facilities for baby are large and brilliant.
On 7th floor, you can use 8 baby beds for diaper changing, 5 separate breast-feeding rooms, microwave, hot water machine, and small kid space with Mattress.

Address: 1-1-4 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-8321

NewoMan (South side)

This is not department store, it is fashion complex building. But it is just above of Shinjuku Bus Terminal so the baby rest room might be useful for travelers who travels to/from other cities.
The baby rest room located on 4th floor is not large but very clean because it is new building. It has 1 baby bed for diaper changing, 2 separate room for breast feeding, and hot water machine.

Address: 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022