CocoIchibanya at Akihabara -Japanese famous Curry house-

Cocoichibanya is one of the famous curry house chain stores in Japan. Almost Japanese know Cocoichibanya. They have more than 1,400 stores also overseas. This time, they finally opened the first Halal curry house in Akihabara from September 25th 2017!!
The corporate color of Cocoichibanya is yellow, but Halal cocoichibanya is green, so Japanese feel something is interesting

A shop assistant said many Muslim visit to Halal cocoichibanya also some Musulim toulists.

All of menu is Halal curry.

You can choose the quantity of rice and spice level.

Some menu is written Arabic.

This is the Halal Chicken cutlet curry which is the most orthodox curry. The quantity is 300g, the spice level is Normal. The price is 910 yen that is not different to compare general Cocoicibanya curry. Of course, the taste is very nice!!!

They have had the halal certificate from NAHA, Nippon Halal Asia Association. NAHA is certified from MUIS in Singapore as Halal certification association.