Gonpachi at Nishiazabu

Gonpachi is a Japanese restaurant as its motif Japanese traditional houses at Nishiazabu.

In 2002, it was a renowned restaurant because the then Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and the US President George Bush visited there.

In addition, it was used as a filming location in the movie Kill · Bill, directed by Quentin Tarantino, and it became a hot topic.
Recently it has been popular with many foreign tourists, then it is a very highly appreciated store to bring out the traditional atmosphere of Japan.

There are many dishes such as tempura and soba, grilled fish, healthy Japanese food, etc.
Halal food for Muslims can be prepared by reserving 5 days in advance. Halal cuisine is only one course and only 6,500 yen course meal.
For vegetarian cuisine, it is necessary to reserve 3 days in advance and this is also one kind of course cooking for 6,500 yen.
Courses can be booked either day or night.

【11 dishes】
Three servings of appetizer (Edamame Namuru Yuba) / Salmon Carpaccio / Lifting fried prawns / Three kinds of tempura (Zwai crab owls vegetables) / Mackerel spice burning / Chicken also skewer / Beef skewer / Seasonal vegetable skewer / Japanese vegetable curry / Kuzumochi and Kinako’s vanilla ice black nectar

<Gonpachi Asakusa Azumabashi Halal Food Policy>

1. We don’t obtain Halal certificate.
2. The ingredients certified (Halal Meat) are used for beef and chicken. Additionally the seasoning also correspond.
3. Kitchen isn’t Halal exclusive use.
4. Cookware is sorted from a pot, kitchen knife and cutting board keeping with separately. Additionally ladle, tongs, ball basket.
5. Normally we use the same tableware, but when having a request, we will prepare disposable tableware, glass, fork, knife, and wooden chopsticks.

Since many Muslim customers have visited, why do not you eat while experiencing the Japanese atmosphere?

SHOP INFORMATION: https://mackpacker.jp/restaurant/gonpachi