Narita Airport (Gateway of Japan)

Narita Airport is the international airport with the longest history in Japan. In 2015, the third terminal of Narita Airport was completed for dedicating to LCC.
Recently, due to the spread of LCC, the number of LCC lines will increase further and it is expected that the number of users also will increase at the same time. Especially nowadays, foreign tourists arriving at the first and sekand terminal on international flights have more opportunities to use LCC on domestic flights.

The third terminal is located about 5 minutes on foot by bus and about 15 minutes on foot from the 2nd terminal. If you go by bus, you should take at the bus stop No.1 of the second terminal. The bus leaves at 5 minute intervals.

If you go by foot, you should walk along a line like a blue land track from the entrance of the second terminal.

Finally, you can arrive at the third terminal.

Prayer Room at Narita Airport

There is a prayer room in all the first, second and third terminals in Narita Airport. As of 2018, there are a total of six player rooms which are at before and after the departure gate.
In the prayer room, there is also a sign of Kibra and facility of Wudu. Then it is possible to use 24 hours.

The third terminal is somewhat away from the first and second, so if you have opportunity to use the third terminal, let’s act with a margin in a little time.

Have a nice trip!!