Yoshiya at Shinjyuku -Japanese Restaurant-

Kyoto Arashiyama Ryoya Shinjuku is a Japanese restaurant with Kyoto vegetables abundantly in the Shinjuku west exit metro eateries subway, which is founded 70 years. They use a combination of Kyoto cuisine, they serve plenty of vegetables and healthy but satisfying cuisine. Traditional Japanese cuisine in Kyoto is prepared by Muslim Friendly who does not need reservation.

The inside of the restaurant is a Japanese-style atmosphere, then they prepare one person’s seat, group seats available and some English speaking staff.

There are four main Muslim friendly meals. These are no pork non alcoholic meals.

・Tempura rice bowl and Soba set・・・¥1,580
・Mahou Croquette and Spicy Fried Chicken Set・・・¥1,380
・Chicken cullrt curry・・・¥1,510
・Spicy Deep Fried Chicken rice bowl・・・¥980

I have orderd Spicy Deep Fried Chicken rice bowl. It was so nice because of including so many Kyoto vegetables. Chicken is of course Halal meal.

They have authorized local Halal certificate from Kyoto Council for Sharia and Halal affairs Japan.

Shinjyku is one of the big city in Tokyo, so they said around 15 Muslim people come to Yoshiya everday. Location is also very nice because it is easy to visit from Shinjyuku station that OK to do not go outside.
Let’s enjoy Kyoto cuisine at Tokyo!

SHOP INFORMATION: https://mackpacker.jp/restaurant/yoshiya/